Microbit Bluetooth Starters

Control your Microbit wirelessly from the web using Bluetooth.

Starter projects

LED Matrix
Control the LED Matrix
Button Status
Read the A/B button states
Temperature Status
Read the temperature sensor
Accelerometer Reader
Read the X, Y, and Z accelerometer values

Pairing Instructions (from Microbit)

  1. Hold down buttons A and B on the front of your micro:bit together. The front is the side with two buttons and the LED display. Keep the two buttons held down. Don’t let go of them yet!
  2. While still holding down buttons A and B, press and then release the reset button on the back of the micro:bit. Keep holding down buttons A and B.
  3. You should see “PAIRING MODE!” start to scroll across the micro:bit display. When you see this message start to appear you can release buttons A and B.
  4. Eventually you’ll see a strange pattern on your micro:bit display. This is like your micro:bit’s signature. Other people’s micro:bits will probably display a different pattern.


Helpful Bluetooth Guides

More Glitch Microbit projects

Microbit LED Creator
Get ideas for designs for the LED Matrix

Apps built by @scientiffic

Thanks to @rondagdag and Shigeru Kobayashi for their helpful examples!